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Super fun products that are comfortable!


cute good quality good fit fast delivery


Great and fun prints, thumbs up for the masks. Slow to ship, but delays at the boarder understandable (ordering from Canada). Would like to request non-plastic packaging for masks and other products.


I was looking for a wide legged sock that would stay in place inside my horseback riding boots. And are going to be durable as I will be using them often. Your socks work. They aren't too warm, too thin or too thick. The elastic is just right and feels supportive on my legs and ankles while riding. Perfect for me. Thank you.


I loooove these socks! Ever since my first pair years ago I've been so hooked & now they have underwear! Every pair of these socks are soft, stretchy, vibrant in color, detailed to perfection, and just straight up goooood lookin! Everywhere I go my socks always get a complement, there's nothing like Sock It To Me! I highly recommend these socks, it's time to treat yo feet!


I fell in love in the pnw and have continued to buy these products in the heart of Texas. Great service. Long lasting products. I won’t tell you how old some of my favorite socks are but they are ancient! Recently ordered some masks and get compliments on how cute they are.


Socks are lit but I really liked the joke you guys wrote on the packing slip.. made my day.. love you


SO SO happy with my purchase!!! I got the banana skateboard socks and they were perfect for my boys!!! We love to all be matching!


Words cannot describe how fabulous your bikini undies feel! So soft and such a perfect fit! I love them! The material has not become stretched out nor have the colors faded! They still look great & feel great which is why I placed another order! Thank you, Sock It To Me! Love your company!


Wow, just wow! There are a lot of mask options suddenly flooding the market. However, this cat one one was purr-fect for me and the Sasquautch design even better for my more aloof better half. Easy fit, soft and cozy, comfortable and love the adjustable straps and nose clips. Team Sock It To Me for the win again. Thank you for helping me feel safe in the uncertain time and for always helping me look fabulous.


Best Socks EVER!! I’m an avid hiker and soccer player. Finding Socks that actually fit my calves is near impossible!! These are everything I had hoped for and more!! Still 48 years young and going!!


I discovered this brand at the gift shop of the hospital where I receive treatment for cancer and I loved their socks. Then I went on the website and saw they have underwear too! Sometimes prints will show up on a CT scan (which I’ve had to get every 60-90 days for the past 5 years). Underwear is the only item of my own clothing I’m allowed to keep on, so I always try and pick something silly in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, my doctor will see my David Bowie rock dogs or cats with laser eyes panties on the scans. And the undies are super comfortable, flattering, and very durable. This company rocks!


Best birthday present to my niece EVER!! She loved the fun gift bag and of course the super special knee socks!! Love you all!!


I ordered several of the face masks and love them. They’re fun, comfortable, and feel as if they provide really good coverage. My favorites now!


Thank you so much for stepping up to create a new product for these trying times!
I bought masks for myself and my husband. I'm grateful for the ability to adjust the straps, and they will be warm for wearing during the fall and winter.


Thank you for having a person answer the phone, that is wonderful. Socks fit. good quality. I will purchase again.Pat


Soft, breathable fabric but the straps make my ears sore. For $15 each and waiting a few months to get them, I thought they could at least put the adjuster on the mask for you. The instructions say to use a bread tie to put them together yourself. They had a chemical smell when I first opened them but that went away after washing them. I ordered 3. Probably won’t order or recommend them to anyone else. Cute patterns but not worth the wait.


I’m a plus size roller skater longing to have fun cute AND functional socks. My left leg also tends to swell from a childhood injury. The wide calf option has been gods sent. I love that there’s sooo many options I’ve never had a sock go over my calf, stay, be comfortable and cute!!!


The socks and undies I've purchased from Sock it to Me are always comfortable! The designs are so adorable and unique. I always get compliments when I wear them out. Their customer service is fantastic too! ❤️


We recently ordered two masks, as it seems we will be wearing masks from some time to come. Yours are the BEST! the toggles make it possible to fine-tune the fit, the material is comfy and breathable, and they are SO CUTE. I just love my Caturday; my husband always gets compliments on the Cheeseburger. We will order more.