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Got these socks from my friend as an early Christmas present. I’m in love with them!! Super soft and fit perfectly!!


The Rainbow mask is so comfortable. It has a bendable wire at the nose section & ear strap toggles for a contoured fit. The material is soft & breathable.


I got three pairs of dinosaur socks for my birthday from a friend! the most comfortable form fitting socks ive ever had! not to mention super cute and can show my love for the dinos!! will definitely be making my own purchases after being introduced to the brand!


Received these as an early Christmas gift from one of my best friends girlfriend. WOW!! LOVE THEM!! Style and comfort to match!! I'll be looking for more music related socks!!! Thanx Cris!!!


love these socks, we sell them at my work place and its so exciting when new ones come in! Love my "bearly awake" socks they make me laugh!


I am so glad I found these socks. Most knee socks are too tight at the top so I have been cutting the top about 1" for comfort. Sometimes that means they fall down. SOCK IT TO ME works great. Not only do they fit well (my calves are about 13", but they are nice quality and fun graphics. The toe area has some excess fabric due to the stitching and bunches up in some of my shoes. The seams could be smoother, including the heel.


Best socks ever, amazing price and even more amazing designs.


I’m ready for the 2020 Holiday Season, come what may, with my Prosec-ho-ho-ho socks! They are super glittery and like all Sock It To Me products, comfortable and always fun. Keep up the good works!


All the socks are super adorable, there’s very little plastic in the packaging which I really appreciate, and the absolute legend of a human being who drew an adorable chubby shark on my bill quite literally made my day. All in all, all the love from me!!!


Love my new mask


Love my new mask


Got an awesome black facemask today, from the purveyor of the only men's briefs I choose to wear.


It met my expectation and more. They are truly below the need, good quality and beautiful.


I want to tell you how much I love your products. I have 2 drawers full of them. Perhaps I should explain. I'm a school teacher (high school) many of my students had opinions about my wardrobe and wanted to "do a makeover on" me. I didn't want this. On a whim I bought a pair of your socks. They loved them and discussed the socks rather than a trip to the mall. After that every payday I bought another pair. It became a thing. Then I learned of your once yearly warehouse sale and did a lot of my holiday shopping there. I've continued that tradition online this year. I love supporting a local company. Back before we went online I drove past your facility twice a day on my commute. Thanks for all you do!


Great sock designs and straightforward, easy process. Good shipping time. Happy customer!


I've been a customer for over 6years . I give socks as gifts and I love that they have WIDE.


Ordered the socks as a birthday present. This was during the wildfires and the website did have a warning that there would be possible delays but I was surprised that they arrived on time! The wide calf socks were a great fit; super soft, comfortable, and when worn the designs don't get warped like how it usually happens. The order receipt also had a cute drawing on it (which was an unexpected, but welcomed, surprise)! Needless to say everyone was pleased.


Awesome products and amazing customer service. My favorite touch was the hand drawn bunny unicorn on the receipt!!


My daughter is a big fan! She loves all of the bright colors and fun designs. The quality is great.


The socks showed up on time and looked great. The packing was great, the designs were funny, and the fit was nice. We will be extending our 6 month subscription