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Love my new mask


Got an awesome black facemask today, from the purveyor of the only men's briefs I choose to wear.


It met my expectation and more. They are truly below the need, good quality and beautiful.


I want to tell you how much I love your products. I have 2 drawers full of them. Perhaps I should explain. I'm a school teacher (high school) many of my students had opinions about my wardrobe and wanted to "do a makeover on" me. I didn't want this. On a whim I bought a pair of your socks. They loved them and discussed the socks rather than a trip to the mall. After that every payday I bought another pair. It became a thing. Then I learned of your once yearly warehouse sale and did a lot of my holiday shopping there. I've continued that tradition online this year. I love supporting a local company. Back before we went online I drove past your facility twice a day on my commute. Thanks for all you do!


Great sock designs and straightforward, easy process. Good shipping time. Happy customer!


I've been a customer for over 6years . I give socks as gifts and I love that they have WIDE.


Ordered the socks as a birthday present. This was during the wildfires and the website did have a warning that there would be possible delays but I was surprised that they arrived on time! The wide calf socks were a great fit; super soft, comfortable, and when worn the designs don't get warped like how it usually happens. The order receipt also had a cute drawing on it (which was an unexpected, but welcomed, surprise)! Needless to say everyone was pleased.


Awesome products and amazing customer service. My favorite touch was the hand drawn bunny unicorn on the receipt!!


My daughter is a big fan! She loves all of the bright colors and fun designs. The quality is great.


The socks showed up on time and looked great. The packing was great, the designs were funny, and the fit was nice. We will be extending our 6 month subscription


I finally found socks that are not boring and also fits my budget. They are so much fun! It did not take long to deliver despite the COVID. Good quality and workmanship.


I ordered a few different space themed socks for my brother for his birthday. I included a birthday message and as an unexpected bonus, so did the company! It was very fun to watch him open the gift over Facetime. The shipping was fast and the price very well worth the joy it gave us all.


Super fun & comfortable undies! I ordered six pairs, five were awesome (and continue to be) but one fell apart after just a couple of wears/ was the Pandacorns, not sure if there was a problem with that particular fabric? It seemed like it just sort of disintegrated in several places.


Received “Ready to Flamingle” socks from a great friend as I have a “Flamingo” party each year! Love them and can’t wait to put them on!!


Love your socks!!! I had been looking for wide calf socks and every pair I'd get that were "wide calf socks" definitely didn't pass the test. Everything your company has said about your product is true. The response I received from customer service was quick and helpful. The delivery of the socks was very fast. Plan to order more socks at a later time.


What a great company! They have cute, great quality socks that are made in S. Korea, where I'm from. My receipt even had an adorable picture of a bunny someone took the time to draw. Thank you for the smile!


They are so cute! The only con for me was that they are not made in the U.S.A.


Fast delivery. But thin material


Love the mask I bought with honey bees on it. It is comfortable, I liked that I can adjust the straps and it looks awesome. With COVID-19 I have to wear a mask everyday as the school district I teach in is trying a hybrid and my state has a mask mandate. I believe wearing a mask during this time is very important and so I might as well something that looks cool and is comfortable. ✌


All ot these socks are high quality and vibrant, as pictured. I got a pair of shimmer socks and they are gorgeous. My kid loves sloths and wears their's constantly. I wish they had some blue, black or green sloth socks for boys.
Customer service is fast and actually helpful I hope they get more designs soon and I'd love if they dropped some more shimmer socks.