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I got your bee fuzzy socks at new seasons and i fell in love. its super comfy light and warm. i absolutely love your representation on your website and im very glad i bought it 10/10


Adorable socks! A nice surprise to receive these in the mail each month. And always ships out in a timely manner.


Best place to get socks. Great designs, fast delivery, and amazing service.


I just ordered a 12 month sock subscription for MYSELF, I am soooo excited for it! Every month, I’ll have something to look forward to🤗


My husband loves them so much i took out a:subscription myself


I am obsessed with SITM socks!! I can’t get enough of them. Makes the perfect gift, even if you have to gift it to yourself!


I absolutely love these socks! I've been a customer for many years buying socks for my kids and every single time they love the designs! Thank you so much for all the creativity and amazing quality!


I love the sparkly NASA socks! They are the first pair of sparkly socks I've tried that aren't itchy. They also stay up all day and are super cute. I will definitely be wearing these every week!


What a super fun surprise sock bag!! Will 100% buy this deal again. If I could give more than five stars, I would !!!


These are the cutest socks!! They actually fit my abnormally wide calves!


My goodness do I love these britches!!! They’re comfortable
and arrived super fast. Bravo!!!


Loyal SITM customer for life! I am addicted to these socks, it’s my guilty pleasure. I have a large collection so far😃😃❤️❤️


I ordered 19 pairs of “Ice Cream Dream” to be our team socks for our Girls on the Run 5K. They were adorable, comfortable, high quality, and helped our team stand out in the crowd. All the girls loved them and are already talking about which socks we will choose for next season.


I’ve always loved these socks! They’re soft, comfortable and funky! I love them to the point that I keep replacing the ones I really like when they wear out!


i am a sock freak and sock it to me is the answer. great products, always quick delivery. thank you for being there.



Sock It to Me socks probably make up the majority of my large "funky-sock collection"! They're always well-made, have a variety of fun designs - many of which are made from at least 50% cotton material - and retain their color and elasticity a long time. I also love the handmade (I think) drawings and humorous comments on SITM's packing slips! A very personal touch.

I just received a great pair of knee highs during the "Mystery Socks" promo that I'd love to see added to the catalog. The design is called "Toe-st of the Town" and features all sorts of breads (loaves, croissants, slices, etc.) as well as the tools used to bake them. I know that I'm not the only person who considers dough products my favorite food group, and there are definitely many people who bake them, so I think that they would do well. Thanks for considering it!


Sock It To Me Socks are the best socks available - whimsical, silly, colorful, and great fun to wear! The company and its people are a joy with whom to work!!!


LOVE. LOVE these socks! I have several pairs!


The quality of these socks are amazing! I own many pairs and got most of them several years ago (at least a year before COVID hit.) They are all still in great condition. I did somehow get a rip in the bottom of one pair, and of course it was my favorite pair. The pattern was no longer on the website so I emailed customer service to see if there was any chance the pattern might come back, or if they might have an extra pair floating around the warehouse. Their amazing customer service went above and beyond. They found a pair in a corporate display and sent them to me at no cost! I'm never buying socks anywhere else. Only request - Could you guys start making compression socks? I'm getting old and need them for days when I'm on my feet a lot. I'd much prefer your socks over the ugly medical ones!


My son, who lives in Portland, bought socks for all of us here in Ohio this year for Christmas. Fun socks were never my thing, but you changed that. And the quality is fine. They fit well, wear well, and I like the cotton because that makes them comfortable.

Good job, Ladies. Keep it up.