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I’ve been wearing these wonderfilled socks for about as long as they have been around. If they were plain solid colors, I might still wear them because they are of excellent quality. I wouldn’t wear poor quality socks just because they’re fancy. You lovely folks have it all in one, great quality with a seemingly endless array of choices. I think lovingly of you all every morning as I make the difficult choice of which pair to put on. Thank you so much. PS always wanting more fancy stripes.
Love you


OMG! I finally found socks that fit. I have very heavy calves, and have always had issues finding knee socks. I finally found them on Amazon. I absolutely love them and have already bought another pair. Thank you for making them. I love my unicorns


I love my Radiant Rainbow women’s crew socks!


I got a pair of Radiant Rainbow women’s crew socks for Christmas and love them! Great comfortable fit and dazzling colors! Thank you!


I bought a pair of socks for my daughter, she loved them!! They were a Christmas gift and hands down one of her favorite! Socks are great quality the pattern does not change when you put them on, that’s what I loved about them! Good job!!


Thought I was only buying Christmas gifts, but turns out I'll be buying from this store many times in the future! Socks look great, but what really sold me was the personalization the staff added to my paper bill. I smiled when I saw it! What a great way to prove that there are humans working behind this site that care about their work. Love you guys, can't wait to see more!



Love the socks, and love the fast customer service adding my reward points faster than I could ask about them! I love "Sock it to me" socks--I work in health care and, during the pandemic, sometimes the only bright spot in my day is when I look down at my feet. Gotta keep in silly. You guys are the BEST!!!!


Waiting in line (Christmas shopping) I spotted the rack with your awesome socks and actually had to get out of line 😱to see Bought 3 pairs for coworkers. So cool!! Retro. Colorful. Comfortable. Yikes 😬 May have to keep them for myself and go back and get more (for the coworkers 😂)
Thank you for putting a spring in my step today ❤️❤️❤️


I love these! I actually found my first pair in a bookstore and went online to get more. These are the ONLY knee-highs that I have ever found that are actually knee-high length for me, don't slip at all and don't bind my leg like a tourniquet by the end of the day. I'm on my feet all day on concrete, so every other brand I've tried binds or slips or both. And the styles are awesome! Who doesn't want sharks or cats or unicorns on their feet.😄


10000000000/10 they gave me an extra pair of socks!!!


These wide calf socks are incredible!! They wear well so comfy and they wash well !! I love the fun patterns especially the mermaid!


These are the best socks I've ever worn! They fit very well - no pinch points, no swollen feet from too-tight bands, no curled up toes. They are soft, warm, and gorgeous. They wash/dry well - no special handling required. The fit well in my shoes, and the calves stretched to accommodate. I'll be a repeat customer for sure!


Socks are warm and fit well! Thank you Sock it to Me!


Today is my birthday and your Shroom and Board knee-high socks really made my day! I love the squirrel and the little mushroom cottage! They are super soft and comfy! And I love the message in the inside of the sock. As a 12 year olds, I am glad to support a women-led business!




My daughter HAS to have the peanut butter and jelly socks (purchased on Amazon) for every test she takes. They are her “good luck” socks. BTW she’s a senior in college. :)
Thank you so much for reducing test taking anxiety for an over-achiever!


I've been getting a variety of socks for my nieces and nephews for the last few years and they love the quirky designs! My boyfriend loves the men's underwear- he says they are very comfortable. The patterns on all the products are so fun!


Super good my daughter is using them for horseback riding and they work amazingly


Just bought my first pair of socks at the Knoxville Zoo. Cute hedgehogs and feel very soft. Looking forward to wearing them as soon as out of washer and dryer


My son LOVES his "Dinosaur Days" socks! They are so adorable and fit him perfectly. Will definitely be placing a order for more! THANK YOU!!! =)