More About the Design-a-Sock Contest

Sock It to Me’s Design-a-Sock Contest is an annual celebration of designers and art, community and diversity, fashion and SOCKS. Our founder Carrie wanted to give those who make Sock It to Me possible—our fans—a chance to get in on the action. She created this contest in the fashion of the restaurant coloring contests we all did when we were kids waiting for our food to arrive.

Each year for over a decade, we've hosted an international contest that is open to everyone and anyone*. Every region, culture, and person has a different idea for what should be on a sock and we want to see it all!

This contest is about seeing designs from around the world and getting your input as to what to add to our line. This contest is also a THANK YOU to all who have helped us grow and a hope that you stay involved.

So, what have you got? This is your chance to fill in what you think is missing in the SITM line.

Read on for a walk through time on past winners, learn more about the official rules and terms, and get ready for this year's contest! 


*that we're legally allowed to.

2018 Design-a-Sock Contest Winners

The 2018 Design-a-Sock Contest winners were:

First Place—Animals of Madagascar by Breah Ponds

Second Place—Galactic Ghosts by Megan Van Voorhies

Third Place—Stingray Galax-Sea by Alexandra Solorzano

2017 Design-a-Sock Contest Winners

The 2017 Design-a-Sock Contest winners were:

First Place—Octopi Your Feet by Katherine Bryant

Second Place—Night Light by Naomi Okada

Third Place—Sandwitch by Isabel Manuson

2016 Design-a-Sock Contest Winners

The 2016 Design-a-Sock Contest winners were:

First Place— Deep into the Sea by Juan Pablo Esquivel

Second Place— Yonder Castle by Grant Thackray

Third Place— Foxes in Boxes by Alina Chetcuti

2015 Design-a-Sock Contest Winners

2015 Design a Sock Contest:
First Place—Sugar Skull by Missy Corey

Second Place—Dinos in Space by Alyssa Smith

Third Place—Penguin Slide by Rebecca Celsi



2014 10th Anniversary Design-a-Sock Contest:

First Place
Emily Mackey with "Fir Sure"
Emily Mackey is a 19 year old student with an incredible passion for socks, working her way through college at an adorable little store called The Sock Drawer. She is an aspiring artist and hopes to one day make a living working in illustration or graphic design. She has an extensive dream list of future goals on top of being a professional artist, like traveling to beautiful places, publishing a children's book, and building one of those sustainable tiny homes. She is quite proud to be able to cross designing a sock off that list now! Check out Emily's Portfolio right here!

Second Place
Emily Dumas with "Space Kitty"
Emily Dumas is an illustrator and designer from the Boston area. After 6 years in advertising, she left the corporate world to freelance, teach design and illustration, and run her stationery company; Flowers in May. Since then she has been published, showcased her work in galleries and fairs, and licensed some of her illustrations. Find more of her work here:

Website: | Instagram @flowersinmay | Twitter @flwrsinmay

Third Place
Cathie Cabe with "The Rampage"
Cathie Cabe is a graphic artist living in Winterville, GA. She has a printmaking degree from UGA and has been working at for over 4 years now. She loves drawing and doing creepy makeup effects. Some of her passions include cats, zombies, and candy. You can check out some of her side artwork at, though it isn't updated often.

2013 Portland Design-a-Sock Contest Winners