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Sock It to Me’s Design-A-Sock Contest is a celebration of designers and art, community and diversity, fashion and SOCKS. Our founder Carrie wanted to give those who make Sock It to Me possible, our fans, a chance to get in on the action. She created this contest in the fashion of the restaurant coloring contests we all did when we were kids waiting for our food to arrive.

Every fall we have an international contest that is open to everyone and anyone. Every region, culture, and person has a different idea for what should be on a sock and we want to see it all.

This contest is about seeing designs from around the world and getting your input as to what to add to our line. This contest is also a THANK YOU to all who have helped us grow and a hope that you stay involved.

So, what have you got? This is your chance to fill in what you think is missing in the SITM line. Sock It to Me helps unleash the inner super hero in us all- we want to see what yours looks like.


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Our upcoming Portland Design-A-Sock Contest will be held in September 2014. Check here for more details as it approaches, OR sign up for our newsletter  to make sure you’re the first to know.


7th Annual Portland Design A Sock Contest:







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