Crazy Socks for Men

We don't see what's so strange about these crazy socks for men. Unicorn that is also a hot dog? Perfectly normal. Cheese floating in space? That's just our lunch! The only thing we consider crazy about these men's socks is how comfortable they are.


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In all fairness, we can see a few crazy things about these men's crew socks. Bigfoot doing bike tricks, that's a little crazy. I mean, where did he get a bike that big? And the Cat DJ, what kind of music do cats even like? Am I crazy? No, it's the socks that are crazy.

At least we know that these men's socks will be soft and stay up. All our socks are made with super soft combed cotton. When it's combed, all the cotton fibers go the same way, which makes the threads strong and durable. Our cotton to spandex ratio helps keep our crew socks up all day, so you don't have to pull them up or readjust.

We design these crew socks to what's trendy. While it might seem to be a random assortment of crazy socks for men, it's actually a mix of our excellent tastes and what's currently popular to create long-lasting style. We've also been designing socks since 2004, so we have crews for every occasion from completing your work outfit to Valentine's date night.