New exclusive socks available for a limited time only.

Limited Edition Artist Collaboration Socks

To make awesome socks for everyone, collaboration is key. We’ve always believed this at Sock It to Me: we’ve been collaborating and sharing inspiration with our fans and artists for over a decade through our annual Design-a-Sock Contest. Now in that same spirit, we’re excited to announce new limited-edition artist collaborations.

Collaboration Brings Great Ideas Together


Artistic Vision

These socks aren’t like any other socks you’ll find. Fresh, stylish & one-of-a-kind personality brought to life by artists, Kendra Dandy and Ryan Bubnis.

Colorful Confidence

At Sock It to Me, we want to fill you with colorful confidence. To do that, our goal is to spread positivity and inclusivity. We work with artists who share these values with us.


Bouffants and Broken Hearts

Kendra Dandy collects vintage design elements, then combines them with silliness and wit so they feel like new again. Playful details abound, like juicy flamingos or flirty watermelons. The inspiration may be vintage, but the finished product is unmistakably modern.

Ryan Bubnis

Ryan’s style is “street art” meets “chill,” influenced by hours at the skatepark, or away from it all in nature. We think his work is best viewed in public spaces. Picture a colorful wall that used to be blank, or a cool t-shirt that puts a smile on the face of a friend, or socks.

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