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We believe in giving back.

It's our privilege to give back to so many incredible organizations that strengthen communities and help individuals grow and gain confidence. Sometimes a person just needs a little help, and we believe that every person—regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, income, or sexual orientation—deserves a chance. By partnering with non-profits aimed at ending cycles of abuse, addiction, homelessness, and poverty, we can make a real impact on human suffering.

Through charitable giving, we support a multitude of charities across the United States and Canada. And through our Volunteer Paid Time-Off policy that encourages employees to donate time to a non-profit of their choice, we have an immediate and tangible effect on our own community of Portland, Oregon.

Whether through donations or volunteering, we’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished. If you believe your organization would benefit from Sock It to Me’s help, please fill out the form below.


We've partnered with Providence Medical Group to facilitate the distribution of our smile-inducing fun socks to 10 of their foundation locations here in Oregon. While our original donation of 115 pairs has helped, we'd like to do even more, and with your help, we can!

By adding a donation kit to your cart, you can send socks to medical staff around Oregon medical facilities . Each donation kit is 6 pairs of socks donated!

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Recent charity partners include:

Janus Youth Programs

Operating more than forty different programs across Oregon and Washington, Janus Youth Programs assists over 6,000 young people every year, through outreach and guidance, along with access to food and shelter.

Pixie Project

A non-profit animal rescue with a personal approach to matching humans with animals, Pixie Project also offers affordable veterinary care options for low-income pet owners.

Portland Rescue Mission

Portland Rescue Mission aims to break cycles of homelessness and addiction. Always open, Portland Rescue Mission provides food and shelter, restrooms, showers, clothing, mail service, and comprehensive support services and recovery programs.


A non-profit with a mission to provide relief through the distribution of shoes and other clothing. To date, Sock It to Me has donated 7,200 pairs of socks and underwear to Soles4Souls distribution centers in the United States and Canada.

Raphael House

Raphael House of Portland helps domestic violence survivors with an emergency shelter and guidance on getting back on their feet. They’re committed to serving anyone regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, disability, immigration status or sexuality.

Street Roots

A weekly newspaper that covers issues related to homelessness, Street Roots helps create income opportunities through their vendor program. Homeless and low-income people are able to purchase Street Roots at a nominal price and then resell them, keeping whatever profit and tips they make. This program is aimed at developing skills, fostering self-respect, creating cross-class dialogue, and ultimately ending cycles of homelessness.

You can request a donation

If you have a non-profit that would benefit from Sock It to Me's help, please fill out the form below.

In order to process your request as quickly and accurately as possible, please fill out the form completely. The more lead time you give us, the likelier it will be that we can fulfill the request. It can take several weeks to process a request for donation.

Sock It to Me welcomes requests for donations from all groups and tries to accommodate as many as time and resources allow. Please note that we don't have product available to fulfill all of the many requests we receive. If we decline this request, please feel free to reach out to us again in the future.

Due to the high volume of requests and to ensure accurate records, we ask that all follow up correspondence be through email: