Fun socks and comfortable underwear that are as awesome as you are.

More Than Socks!

We love socks here, and we make them pretty dang well. But we love to add awesomeness to your day other ways as well: like our zero-waste pet bandanas, our super comfy underwear, and our reusable face masks. Everything you get will have our trademark SITM style and high-quality.

Alicia Reese & Britt Hurley design the socks for Sock It to Me.

Human of the Month

Mariana Beatriz Wu

Mariana Beatriz Wu is an illustrator who uses vibrant colors and eye-catching shapes in her work, and it was her design, “Fruity Bloom,” that was selected among the top 30 as one of our three winners for last year’s Design-a-Sock Contest. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mariana has always been committed to passionate self-expression that is vivid and fearless; she truly represents how to “Be Bold. Be You.”

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Zach & DASC Skating in Super Juicy Mailman in our Knee highs Socks dressed up in a suit Weightlifter in knee highs