Socks As Awesome As You

You’re going to feel great in Sock It to Me. Why? Because our socks & underwear have a little magic in them...just like you. You’ll walk confidently—whether in knee high socks that everyone can see, or hidden within shoes or pants just for you—because you can be your amazing self. Are you feeling like rockets in space or rainbow-riding unicorns? How are you going to color outside the lines today? We can help.

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Sock It to Me Cool lapel pins are here to bring positive vibes and show off your unique personality.

New Enamel Pins

The charm that goes into each sock design has now been given to high quality enamel pins. Available exclusively right here.

New exclusive socks available for a limited time only.

Limited Edition Artist Collaborations

Fresh and bold looks by Bouffants & Broken Hearts and Ryan Bubnis spring to life with playful details and vivid color.

Love From Our Fans!

Sock It to Me Cool Girl Megan.

Cool Girls lead by example and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

"Even here it’s hard to say, but as a girl surrounded by guys you get heckled and hear a lot of sex jokes and deal with some comments from guys that aren’t great. I think the biggest challenge is that there’s not a ton of girls to skate with in most places and we need a bigger community of bladies."- Megan Petersen