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Fun socks and comfortable underwear that are as awesome as you are.

You’re going to feel great in Sock It to Me. Why? Because our socks & underwear have a little magic in them…just like you. You’ll walk confidently—whether in knee high socks that everyone can see, or hidden within shoes or pants just for you—because you can be your amazing self. Are you feeling like rockets in space or rainbow-riding unicorns? How are you going to color outside the lines today? We can help.

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Sock Lab: the Laboratory for new sock ideas

Enter the Lab

Welcome to the Sock Lab, where we need your help to choose our future socks. Vote with your dollars by purchasing your favorite designs - these designs are available in very limited quantities, so if you see something you love, act fast! We'll do some *super serious science* and use your purchases to determine which socks will leave the lab and which will be locked away, never to be seen again!

A person cutting lemons in a kitchen, wearing The Rainbow Collection Unisex face mask.

Help Meals on Wheels People

We’ve launched a partnership with Meals on Wheels People to provide masks to volunteers helping the most vulnerable. Especially now, with a significant increase in meal delivery to homebound seniors, providing protection to those who generously donate their time is a substantial need. Learn More!

Nina crouched and posing with her two dogs.

Nina Sorochynskyj | Dog Training

"Since I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated with dogs and dog training. I remember checking out dog training books from the library and “testing” out techniques on our family pets at the time. When visiting the homes of friends and family, it was always a priority to spend lots of time with the resident canine. As I got older, I became much more interested in dogs with jobs, and how dogs could be trained to help people.”

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