Constellation Women's Knee High Sock

Women's Constellation

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Horoscope for this winter; You will soon stare at your feet for hours contemplating life, the universe, and how truly amazing your socks are.

63% cotton, 35% polyester, 2% spandex.  Made in Korea.

Approximately fits women's shoe size 5-10.

So comfy, way softer than I expected.
Had these socks before, but lost them while traveling. Got a new pair immediately as well as other designs. These go with everything, fit perfectly and are warm and comfortable.
These socks are so beautiful, cool, and comfortable! I really really like my new socks!
My Wife loves "crazy" socks. She wears them almost all the time. Since we go out in the desert to view the stars, planets, meteor showers, and satellites she now has a pair of socks that fit right in to our evening. Wife is thrilled to have them. The socks are quality made and fit her perfectly.
This is a nice sock to wear when you want something fun but not totally crazy. They're really comfortable and never slide down. I got compliments on these socks from a Manager who saw them during a meeting. Subtle but awesome.
Very Nice Navy Sock with light blue constellations - good when want a more solid navy color with just some pizazz! All knee socks are high quality and great thickness and never slide down.
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