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fifteen-off-everything-1DAY-sale-WholesaleWe’re bringing back 15% OFF EVERYTHING for just one day!

Why today?

1. Today is the last day to order socks & receive them by Christmas without expedited shipping.
2. Today is the last day to take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING for all retail orders going anywhere.
3. Gotta help out those last minute shoppers!

So, check our handy holiday calendar to make sure your order will arrive in time, and place your order now!

giftceptional-free-mystery-sockWe’re also giving away a pair of FREE MYSTERY SOCKS with each order! You won’t know what you’re getting until you open your package. This gift is for retail orders only, while supplies last. Give the pair to a friend, or keep them for yourself. You deserve it!

Can’t get any better than free socks!

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Why Do We Hang Stockings?

& Other Holiday Traditions Explained Cat Stocking - Caption

The end of Halloween heralds the start of eggnog lattes, “holiday” spiced everything, TV Yule logs, elves on the shelves, and the waiting laps of Mall Santas. But how did all these traditions get started?! Sock It to Me is here to shed some light…on those that have explanations.

Hang Your Stockings with Care

While there are no written records of the origins of this tradition, there is folklore! Legend has it that a villager with 3 daughters lost his wife and with her, his savings. His daughters were left dowryless and futureless. The widower was too proud to accept charity, so local Bishop Nicholas, (later named Saint), decided to throw bags of coins down their chimney. One happened to fall into a freshly washed stocking that was hung near the fireplace to dry. The widower accepted this anonymous gift as a miracle and his 3 daughters went on to have happy lives. Now we all hang stockings, usually more ornate than the original, hoping they’ll fill with gifts overnight.

What the @#$% is eggnog?Noggin-Resize Caption

Love it or hate it: you can’t escape this holiday treat. Modern eggnog is generally made of egg yolks, sugar, milk, cream, nutmeg, and varying additional spices (and usually booze). In 1300′s England eggnog was: hot milk, wine or ale, and sweetener. Somewhere on its way to the American Colonies, eggs were added to the mix, and ale was replaced with rum, which was cheaper. During that time, alcohol was served in wooden mugs called “noggins.” Colonial bar patrons would ask for “eggnog” when they wanted this curious mixture. What does it have to do with the holidays? No idea.

The Tree

While many cultures have brought evergreen plants into their homes during the winter to represent the inevitable return of spring, the Germans are credited for starting this Christmas tradition! For the Feast Day of Adam (12/24) they would perform a procession of “paradise trees” decorated with apples, the forbidden fruit. German settlers most likely brought this tradition to America. The first documented tree in Williamsburg, VA was brought over and decorated by German Professor Charles Minnigerode to a colleague’s home. It was decorated with colored papers and candles. Sounds beautiful and dangerous!

Chanukah_gelt- Resize CaptionWhy do children gamble during Hanukkah?

Both children and adults play dreidel (Yiddish for “spinning top”) during the eight nights of Hanukkah while the candles are burning and work is traditionally not done. Unfortunately, like many Jewish traditions, this gambling game may have started as a way to study the religion secretly. During the time of the Maccabean revolt (when the miracle of lights that is celebrated during Hanukkah occurred), Greeks outlawed studying the Torah. Jewish people took to learning in secret, always keeping their dreidels near so that they could pretend to be playing games instead of studying. Kind of the opposite of being in high school.

The letters on the dreidel are also meaningful. Each side of the top has one of these letters: nun, gimmel, hey, shin. They stand for “Nes gadol hayah sham,” meaning “A great miracle happened there.”

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More Sock Savings!

giftceptional-free-mystery-sockAdd four or more pairs of socks to your cart and automatically get 15% off your order. No coupon code required. For retail orders only. Ends 12/11/14.

We’re also ALL OUT of holiday stockings. But don’t panic! We have a new special free gift for you: a pair of MYSTERY SOCKS! What are they? It’s a surprise! The only thing you know for certain is they are FREE with all retail orders while supplies last! Give them to a friend, or keep them for yourself. You deserve it!

Free Shipping

Our FREE SHIPPING continues! Available for any order anywhere you want to send it. Applies to all retail orders. Ends 12/12/14. Make sure to consult our handy holiday shipping calendar to make sure your order will arrive at its destination on time.

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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


We hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and that much turkey, stuffing, and pie were consumed. Thanksgiving is all about celebrating everything you’re thankful for, especially your loved ones. Santa Rex and Sock It to Me have teamed up again to make it easier than ever to get everyone you are thankful for amazing socks for less money. Become a Giftceptional Gift Giver today with:

15% Off All The Socks!

Ends Midnight PT 12/1/14

On top of that, we have 3 more ways to make this season giftceptional:


Holiday Gift Guide

Take a look at our Holiday Gift Guide to find just the right pair of socks for just the right person. We have a lot of socks to go through, this cuts to the chase and organizes the socks according to personality type. E.g.: Foodie or Animal Lover.

Free Stocking

Free Holiday Stocking

Add a free holiday stocking to your order. These are great for gift wrapping socks or anything else you can fit in them.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Free shipping for all retail orders, all locations, all weekend long.

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Save On Socks!

Save 15% On Socks

Free Shipping

Whether you’re prepping for holiday parties or getting your holiday shopping done early, 15% off 4 pairs will help stuff those stockings and complete any holiday outfit. Once you have 4 pairs of socks in your cart, 15% will automatically be deducted from your total. This deal ends 11/26/14, so hurry!

We’re also offering free shipping on all (yes ALL) retail orders 11/20/14 through 12/12/14.

Free Stocking

Speaking of stockings, we’re giving away our special holiday stocking free with any order. Just check off “Gift Wrap” under the Holiday Gift Options during checkout to add it to your order. This is another deal to take advantage of now: it only lasts while supplies do.

You can always check out all our current promotions here.

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