Design Survey 2014: Tell Us Your Opinions!

Design Survey 2014Do you have opinions about things & like sharing them?? Then we have something RIGHT up your alley!

We’ve put together a 2014 Design Survey in hopes of making our products better and more awesome – two things that would really help all you customers out! Like the photo says – there’s a special surprise at the end for all of you who complete it so click on over to the Survey and see what we have for you!

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Spring Sale 2014: Get 15% Off & FREE Shipping!

ISpring Sale 2014 Sock It To Met’s time to spring clean your sock drawers & make room for some newbies, sockies!

All April long we’re hosting a deal that gives everyone 15% off every order while also pairing it with Free Shipping for our US customers.

Now you can get that pair of Popsicle crews you had your eye on while also getting your best friend that Knee High pair of Planets she always wanted – you’re the BEST FRIEND EVER!

Stock up NOW & save on all of our awesome socks!!

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Spruce Up Your Wedding With Funky Socks!

Sock It To Me Socks Wedding

With the invention of Pinterest, there are so many ways to make weddings uniquely your own, but usually all these personalization touches are for the bride and her party.

It’s high time the groom’s party got in on the action! That’s why we couldn’t be more excited that the wedding trend of incorporating funky socks is really taking off!

We’re so excited that we get to make that special wedding day for many couples EVEN SPECIAL-ER by lending our funky & fresh styles to the feet of those standing up in these weddings!

Like the party shown to the left, some groups wear a plethora of our funky designs so that each party member can show off their own personal style. Lookin’ good boys!

groomsmen-wear-grey-suits-brown-shoes-red-sock it to me -socks

Then, like many other parties, the groomsmen to the right are all wearing matching socks – our Red Super Hero designs to be exact! We

think it’s a fun way to all remain uniform but able to show a little more funkiness than normal, BORING socks allow!

What do you all think about this wedding trend – yay or nay? WE’RE ALL YAYS HERE!




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Sock It to Me “Behind the Scenes” Series: Take 11!

Sock It To Me Employee Bio Meggan C

Name: Meggan Cole-Sisto

Position at SITM: National Sales Director

Years at SITM: A little over a year.

Favorite pair of SITM socks: You mean other than the PUG sock with my dog on it?? That would be “Trifecta of all that is Awesome” (also because I just love saying the name).

Tell us a bit about yourself in less than 120 words: I am a California girl who left the always 60 degree and partly-sunny Bay Area to realize my dream of working and living in New York City. After spending 14 years in the fashion industry there, it was time to return to the West Coast. I now have the best of both worlds because I get to go to New York and spend time with friends (when I am not working our shows, doing research or visiting reps) and live in one of the coolest and most beautiful cities in the Country. I just love my life in Portland…I am so lucky!

What were you doing before you started working at Sock It to me? Overseeing the Franchise sales of very pretty and expensive Italian clothes for a wonderful showroom/company that was not at all like what “The Devil Wears Prada” portrayed.

One food item you could not live without: MAC N’ CHEESE. I know… it’s a popular answer but I truly would die without it!

Where are you going when the zombie apocalypse happens? Going to the closest place with Margaritas so I can sit back and watch the chaos ensue …then I would have to run to pick up my daughter from school.

What sock do you wish SITM had? Now that we have a PUG sock, I am content. To have a PUG sock has been my mission since I started with SITM. With all of the PUG fanatics out there, they are going to FLY off the shelves…am I right???

See all the other AWESOME Sock It To Me Employee Bios here!

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Celebrate St. Patty’s with your Feet!

St Patrick's Day 2014 Socks


Celebrate this year with your feet! Our Clover design or tradtional Leiderhosen knee highs are HUGE holiday hits.

Or, for an alternatively funky celebration outfit, try our Green Bikes FrogGreenSuperhero, Gnomes, or Eat Your Veggies designs!

Although our Beer socks don’t necessarily scream “IRISH” – but we’re pretty sure these will be a BIG HIT along with our classy choice, the Whiskey Stache design.

We hope you have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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