Faces Behind The Design A Sock Contest Winners

We announced the winning designs, now meet the amazing artists behind them!




Emily Mackey is 19 year old student with an incredible passion for socks, working her way through college at an adorable little store called The Sock Drawer. She is an aspiring artist and hopes to one day make a living working in illustration or graphic design. [Read more...]







Emily Dumas is an illustrator and designer from the Boston area. After 6 years in advertising, she left the corporate world to freelance, teach design and illustration, and run her stationery company; Flowers in May. [Read more...]







Cathie Cabe is a graphic artist living in Winterville, GA. She has a printmaking degree from UGA and has been working at UberPrints.com from over 4 years now. She loves drawing and doing creepy makeup effects. [Read more...]



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Halloween Costume Contest

 Sock It to Me Halloween Group Shot

Us Sockstars (as we Sock It to Me employees like to call ourselves) absolutely LOVE Halloween. Not only is dressing up at work a must, but we get competitive. Every year we have a costume contest to see which (witch?) of us has the spookiest style.

Sheila, last year's winner with Jellyfish socks.

Sheila, last year’s winner with Jellyfish socks.


October 31st Halloween Costume Contest

  • Costume must incorporate Sock It to Me socks.
  • We post photos of each of our costumes in an album on our Facebook page.
  • We ask you to vote for the winner.
  • We give the winner a trophy that stays on their desk all year (+ something awesome).


If you want to do the same thing, or just need some spooky socks to complete your costume, check out our Halloween styles. They are 10% off through the end of the month.


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8 Simple Halloween Tricks From Sock It to Me

SITM Jackolantern


We at Sock It to Me absolutely LOVE Halloween and can’t wait to dress up silly, decorate our office, and eat some treats. We love it so much, we have a costume contest every year. For costumes, we like equal parts clever and scary, although we count “scary good” as scary.

This year, we’re sharing some of our favorite Halloween tricks (and treats) good enough for any home or office.


Halloween Hands 2Decorations

Creepy Hands: Cheap and simple – Cut out hands from old paper bags, rubber band them to mason jars with tea lights and place them in your window or mantel. Automatic spooky and a fun group activity.

Bats Out Of Here: Last year a sockstar (what we at Sock It to Me like to call ourselves) brought in paper bats for the office. Many of us still have them taped up to our work area, but they started out in formation above her desk as if there was a swarm gathering. Very creepy.


Spider Deviled Eggs:

Outside – Boil eggs like normal. Once you’ve removed them from the pan, let them sit for 15 minutes, then crack each egg with a spoon. Add the lightly cracked eggs to a bowl with enough water and black food coloring to cover them and keep them in the fridge for 2 hours. Peel and be horrified!

Inside – Classic deviled eggs with olives cut to look like spiders. Cut olives in half, one half for the body, the other half chop lengthwise and turn into legs. Scary delicious!


Often, we’ll put choosing a costume off until the last minute. There are so many great options, how do you choose just one? We’ve found that beginning your costume early is the best way to go. Once you decide on an idea, you see new accessories for it everywhere. A simpler costume done right to the smallest detail will beat out a better idea thrown together at the last minute.

Zombifying anything makes it a costume. Pregnant? Be a pregnant zombie! Think being a pirate is too boring? Be a zombie pirate! Take your favorite star and undeadify them! The possibilities are endless.

Make a costume out of a pun. Who doesn’t love puns? Nobody, that’s who.

Gomez With Pumpkin

Gomez with his pumpkin

Caped crusading isn’t just for mainstream superheroes. We at Sock It to Me think that everyone has an inner superhero. What’s yours? Find it, dress up like it, add a cape and go out trick or treating!

Don’t forget your furry sidekick! Though they might protest, your pets love to get dressed up! Just check out this dog dressed as a spider scaring people.

Protip: If you’re throwing a Halloween party, don’t allow anyone with glitter into your house or your cats will sparkle for months. Glitter is forever.

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Design A Sock Contest Winners

Design A Sock Contest Winners

It’s over! Done! Finished! And we can’t thank you enough for participating. Whether you submitted designs, voted for your favorites, or promoted your votes, we couldn’t have held this contest without you! Now, without further ado, we are proud to present our 10th Anniversary International Design A Sock Of Awesomeness Contest winners:


Look out for the first place winner when it joins our line. When we have a new release, we’ll let you know here, or through our newsletter. Thanks again for joining us on this wild ride. Our International Design A Sock Contest will be back next fall. Until next year…

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Time To Vote On Your Favorite Sock


The entries have been submitted, the celebrity judges have helped us narrow down the choices, now it’s your turn! View the hand-picked entries on our Facebook page and help us choose which should be added to our line. You have the power to create new socks!

Voting is open from October 3 – 10, 2014.

How To Vote:

  1. 1. Click here to vote for your favorite designs on our Facebook page!
  2. 2. Choose which design you’d like to see win by clicking the “vote” button under each to cast your support!
  3. 3. Voilà! You’re done!

You can only vote for a specific design you like once.

You can vote for as many designs as you like.

Before you can vote, you need to click the “Allow Access” button so Facebook can collect your User ID to ensure that users don’t vote for the same design more than once. We don’t use this to collect any other info.


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