Lost Sock Memorial Day!

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Yes, this is a real thing. And why shouldn’t it be? No one really knows where the lost socks go or how they get there. Often times, two socks will enter the dryer with only one returning from it. We search, we mourn, we move on. Some of us make mismatched pairs. Some of us let the unmatched socks grow old at the bottom of the sock drawer. But none of us will ever know why the socks disappeared. Or will we…

Lost Sock Comic

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day from Sock It to Me!

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Local Dog Divorces Woman After 4 Days of Marriage

1st Annual Talent Show - Adjusted

We held our first annual Talent Show last Friday after work for a small, but adoring crowd. Sock It to Me employees shined like the talented Sockstars they are as they showed off their skills. Our acts featured: a drum line, singing, whistling, interpretive dancing, harmonica playing, and a dog wedding.

Our amazing host Ryan was also our judge and chose these winners:

Josh! - 200

Special Person Award: Josh!

For his enthusiastic participation in multiple acts Josh won the Special Person Award & a room temperature Blue Moon First Peach Ale. Josh wowed the entire audience with his bass, harmonica, and jumping skills (shown here).

DB4 - 200Most Heart Award: The DB4s

The DB4s, consisting of Kisa, Tyson, Josh, Peter rocked the house with their show stopping number. Kisa, much like the Badass socks she wears, looks innocent enough, but knows how to bring the house down when she wants.

Flackettes - 200Best Costume Award: The Flackettes

The Flackettes, Emily and Kathryn, covered Roberta Flack’s “When You Smile” with their singing and whistling skills. But it was their feathered hats, yellow bow ties, and smiley face t-shirts that won them their prize. And, of course, their SITM knee high socks.

Dog Wedding - 200Funniest Award: The Wedding of Amber and Gomez

Though the marriage was short, the wedding was beautiful and hilarious. Audience member Sarah responded to “Speak now or forever hold your peace” with the revelation that she’d been sleeping with the groom for over a year. Though the guests laughed, the dissolution was swift, but not unexpected. Both Amber and Gomez have requested privacy during this difficult time, though they do appreciate your kind thoughts.

waterfallsOverall Winner Award: Alex & SJ

For their heartwarming and thoughtful interpretive dance to the TLC classic “Waterfalls”, Alex & SJ earned themselves the highest award possible. Their enthusiasm for the song was evident in their beautifully choreographed moves. They danced they way they live: with purpose, and often a little offbeat, proving that they can, at any point, drop it like it’s hot.

Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated! And thanks to our wonderful audience. Check out a clips video of our performances here. Next up, lip syncing contest!

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National Superhero Day Means Free Socks!


mystery-sockIt’s National Superhero Day!

Get a FREE Mystery Sock to celebrate your super powers!

Super powers and superheroes come in all sizes. Maybe you make the best PB&J in town. Maybe you ride your bike to work in the rain. Maybe you go out of your way to cheer up your friends. For these and all other super powers, we think you deserve a little something extra.

Today through the end of April, get a FREE mystery sock with any retail order over $15. Your mystery sock will be added to your cart as soon as your order qualifies.

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Sock It to Me Donates to Feed the Children

FTC2-Adjusted FTC5-AdjustedFeed the Children runs a Teacher Store where teachers can shop for their classrooms FOR FREE! Each teacher is given a reusable bag to fill with supplies they need such as: books, markers, bulletin board materials, and furniture. Sock It to Me donated over 8,500 pairs of socks to Feed the Children’s Bend, Oregon location.

The schools that these Teacher Stores serve are all title one where 50% of the students need assistance to be able to get lunch. Many teachers have been using our socks as unique prizes to hand out to students. They say these unique socks help with the students’ self-esteem and individuality CEO Keven Hagan said of the donation, “Sometimes we forget just how much something simple, like a pair of socks, can change a child’s life. Often times, parents of low-income families struggle to provide essential items that children need. For many of us, a pair of socks is simply a pair of socks, but to a child in need, that one pair of socks is so much more. That pair of socks represents the hope of a brighter future to come.”


Visit their Gift Catalog to see how you can help.


From Feed the Children: Feed the Children is one of the world’s leading anti-hunger organizations, dedicated to creating a world where no child goes to bed hungry. Since 1979, Feed the Children has grown into one of the largest United States-based charities, accredited by GuideStar Exchange and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and given a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. By banding together with partners, donors, and communities to defeat hunger, Feed the Children distributed over $344 million in food, essentials, educational supplies, and medicine to over 10 million individuals in the United States and 18 other countries in fiscal year 2013. Visit www.feedthechildren.org for more information.

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